New tools for EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are starting to make the impossible possible for many companies.  Data that previous could not be shared between legacy systems can now flow freely.  It is also now possible to web enable all those green screen applications that got skipped over during the client-server days.  As cool as this might be for the MIS department, it may not be the right choice for the company.  It is no longer a question of whether you can web enable your enterprise, but rather should you and what is the impact?

With today’s technology you could probably interface your financial system with the office coffee machine.  As silly as this might seem, this power and functionality has organizations coding connections between systems without being forced to ask why.

Automating a bad process simply makes it work bad faster.  Before you spend $500K + on a miracle application for your enterprise find out what it will do to your organization.  What is the potential ROI, what is the process impact, and will it work?  We work with clients to build a business case to justify technology investments and then work with them through the implementation.