Excuse Me Something is Wrong

Do you see the problem? We’ve all seen playing cards.  They have done experiments showing people a group of cards and have them repeat back what they have seen.  Most people get all the cards right.  They just don’t recognize that the cards are the wrong color.  It’s not a condition that is supposed to […]

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Please Charge the Batteries

It sounds like a simple request – please charge the batteries.   How could someone possibly get that wrong.  Or so I thought.  The other day we were at an all day sporting event and video taping some of my daughter’s team.  The batteries didn’t last quite as long as planned and so my wife […]

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The Importance of Storytelling

Everyone has a story to tell – including businesses.  Colleges are looking for students with a story.  Companies are looking for workers who’s resume tell a story.  And consumers are looking to do business with companies that have a story.  Just look at Zappos, Amazon, or Virgin Airlines.  Storytelling does a couple things.  It tell […]

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